April 2, 1998

Check the Info section for a report on last year's All Italian Missions Reunion.

February 10, 1998

Over the past few days I've corrected a couple of errors and added some new stuff, namely a link to the missionary slang listing at the Italy Catania Mission Homepage and a midi file of the Italy Rome Mission Hymn. You hear the chorus when you first load the page. For the entire song, go to the "fun" section.

November 9, 1997

Happy Birthday to me!! I turned twenty-four today and the mission homepage turned a new face toward the world. Almost everything on the page has been reformatted. I hope everyone likes the new look!

Also new in this update:
  • A slideshow of images from italy. See it here.
  • To help conserve download time, I split the bulletin board into three sections. The main page will now only display messages posted within the last month or so. The date section will show messages by sorted by date, so visitors can easily see what has been posted lately. Finally, there is a section displaying all messages, for those who would like to see older messages. Here's the chat section.
  • The missionary address section is completely new. It will now allow instant updates to information, and store more information on each missionary. Have a look!